How it works


Nusantara Project provide an opportunity for students to work together with other students in different countries and experiencing global team work and apply theory into practice. The Nusantara Project is an online project learning based on GVT concept. Thus students will collaborate in the Global Virtual Teams (GVTs) works as a consultancy firm to present a business idea for partner company.  In this Nusantara Project, students will learn together as an international team. Working in teams of 3-5 students for about 2 months, students will develop a market research paper that benefits for academic and also industry. Students will write a market research paper that details their analysis, economic feasibility of their business idea or solution and provides conclusion of the current situation or for its implementation. The market research report sections closely follow topics covered in a typical Business textbook. The project is an integrated part of the Business/Management course where the students are enrolled in and constitutes maximum 50 percent of the course grade.

Students will be provided with background information on the company case study or students will receive further vital information directly from the client company that they choose. The outcome of this project is research business paper thus students are suggested not only analyses the issues in the company and also provide the fresh and genuine idea and a recommendation for the company. The selected market research paper will be published in Student special edition of Journal of Community Development and other journals indexed in Google scholar, Neliti, PKP Index, CrossREFF. Selected best papers will also might publish in Scopus indexed journals.