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The Challenges

The challenges for 2015 Nusantara Project


Challenge 1:  The Competition


Currently, the rapid establishment of new hotels in Indonesia led to oversupply of rooms resulting a strong economic competition for small and medium hotels. Many international chain hotel, such Accor hotel group, Aston hotel group, Swissbell hotel, Horizon hotel entered many categories hotel in Indonesia. As a result, the Sahid Montana hotel must compete to these international brand hotels with the same price and has been forced to reduce their rates.

In addition, like many local hotels in Indonesia, most of Sahid Montana hotel’s revenue is from domestic visitors. Sahid Montana hotel has a strong local network but has less an international network.  Your task is to define the best strategy for Sahid Hotel to compete with their competitors to overcome the high competition as a result of international chain hotels enter the market of Sahid Montana hotel and to develop the   global strategy for Sahid Montana that make the best business sense and are the most likely to deliver maximum return on investment.


Note: students are expected to gather information from the company before they generate the solution strategy.



Challenge 2: Idea generation



Other challenge option for students  is to develop an economically viable business proposal for a client company of your team’s choice.  Please only choose the company below:

  • Astra International    
  • HM Sampoerna              
  • Telekomunikasi Indonesia       
  • Bank Mandiri 
  • Unilever Indonesia     
  • Gramedia Tbk

These companies are well-known companies in Indonesia. The reports will be sent to the management of these companies. In the future they will be the case study for this project.




If students want to generate the business idea for their own company, their chosen company should fulfil requirement as below. The requirement of company to be a case study:


  • Located in Asia
  • All information about the company should be accessed via website;
  • Allows students to communicate with the company to gather the information at least 1-2 email a week and able to join the online discussion in;
  • Providing students with at least one of their problem that they faced;
  • The company should be located in at least one of student’s location;
  • Get approval from their lecturers and Nusantara Project Coordinator

Note: please refer to the link for the example of the business proposal from the previous students