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I would like to invite your company to involve in the Nusantara Project. This Project is based on the GVT model that has been researched in Central Queensland University, Sydney. By involving in this project you do not only enhance students learning but also take a part in developing connectivity between industry and university (academic institutions).

Background about this project.


This project is underpinned by the previous project that has been held in 44 universities from 25 countries. The international project was started in 2010 and involving many lecturers. About +3000 students joined this project (appendix). Currently, the pedagogy has been researched to be improved in order to fit with Indonesia higher degree education. The focus of teaching that usually in classroom is changed to be education that provide working experience, interactive and collaborative. The aims is to fill the industry expectation and does not ignore the academic expectation as well.


Based on the reason, this Nusantara project was established and aims to educate students in two main areas. First, to trains students to work in GVTs (Global Virtual Teams) which is a norm in current business. Secondly, providing students to apply theory into practice.

Benefits of this project to the company

1. Contributing to the development of Indonesia education;

2. Promote the brand/company to both national and international;

3. Opportunity to get the interns from overseas students who have qualification and good English

4. Creative ideas for solving your business challenges

5. Market expansion proposals

6. Global Collaboration Certificate


If this project interest to you. Please fill the form  and we will contact you for further information