It takes around 1 month period for us to complete this Nusantara Project. Indeed, it was one of
the great project that we had ever have because through this project, we are able to meet and
connect with a new friend who is from different country. From there, we learn more about the
culture and tradition about him and we really do keep in touch and preserved the relationship
between each other. Thinking about the days we rushed through the project together whether it is
in the library or through online discussion just to hit the due dates set every week. Although it is
quite pack, we still able to meet the final due date of the completed project.
At first, when we receive this project, we would think that it is hard because we have to
think about the topic and get connected to foreign friend. However, everything goes on smoothly
until the end. We are so glad that this project not only connect us with foreign friend, but most
importantly it teaches us the importance of punctuality and time management. These values
reminded us to manage ourselves well in the university life.
Thank you for the opportunity provided.