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Project Description


Nusantara Worldwide Collaboration Project 


The Nusantara Worldwide Collaboration project provides students with a comprehensive introduction to be a business consultant for the real companies. The main idea of the project is to provide students from different universities with an opportunity to experience first-hand challenges and learn the best practices of being business consultant. Students will learn management theories and these theories will be practiced when students join the project and write their business report.

Working in international teams of 5-7 students for about 2-3 months, students will develop a business or solution report for the company. Student will write a report that details economic feasibility of their business idea or solution and provides guidelines for its implementation. The report sections closely follow topics covered in a typical Business or management textbook. 

The project is an integrated part of the Business/Management course where the students are enrolled in and constitutes max 50 percent of the course grade. Participation in the project is completely free. All necessary materials and infrastructure are provided.  

The Main Aims of the Nusantara Worldwide Collaboration Project


The purpose of the project is three-fold: first, the project aims to enhance learning in Business/Management and related courses; second, to provide an opportunity for students to work as a consultant and get experience in providing solution for companies in Asia. Third, learn how to work in GVTs which is a norm in current global business.

Another aims for the Nusantara Worldwide Collaboration Project are below:

  1. By joining this project students can learn other cultures.
  2. Help students to establish a networking
  3. This project is facilitate students to apply the theory from classroom into practice
  4. Support the education in the developing countries particularly Indonesia.


Upon completion of the project, students receive Achievement Certificates from Nusantara Project where all the participated university logo will be in the certificate. The cost of printing and shipping the Achievement Certificates to the domestic (Indonesia) collaborators will be covered. For students who present their report to the company will get the achievement certificate from the company.